• food styling

    Food Styling plays a HUGE role in a photo shoot. The lighting can be perfect, the location and propping can be perfect, and you may have chosen the right photographer...but if the food isn't styled well, the photo will be sigificantly lacking! 

    We have been lucky to work with some amazing chefs and other creative people that know how to style food! We've even picked up quite a few tricks of our own over the years. Take a look at these behind-the-scenes food styling masters in action: 

  • a little update

    So we've been super busy over this past month. We've shot all kinds of things, for both new and old clients. But one of our more recent shoots was with Bull Taco. They're a great little local place here in northern San Diego county serving up great "inauthentic" mexican food. If you're looking for chicken heart tacos they've got 'em.  We shot their brand new location along the 101 in Encinitas, and I don't think you could find a taco place with a more Californian vibe. Check out some highlights below:

  • 2014 promo pieces

    Stuffing and sealing envelopes this weekend with our 2014 promo pieces! We've created a companion website that these promo pieces lead on to. It explains so much more about us and why we're the right candidates for the job. It can be found at:

    Looking forward to working with all of you!

    - Ryan + Stacey


    Feeney + Bryant had the priveledge of filming and editing the Kickstarter video for an upcoming, unqiue and innovative wine product!

    GOVERRE. It is the first portable and spill-proof wine glass - designed to take with you on the go to your outdoor occasions. It is made of GLASS so to maintain the integrity of the wine and has a silicone sleeve and a spill-proof lid; they also look really great with a houndstooth pattern and trendy color options. 

    We are excited for our friends to bring their invention to life and we love that we can be a part of their beginning stages - to watch their success unfold. They have already raised nearly a quarter of their goal in the first three days on Kickstarter! We've already pre-ordered a set of GOVERREs and can't wait to use them. 

    GOVERRE on Kickstarter

  • the past few months

    It's been a while since we've updated our blog, but it's because we've been so busy. These past few months have been filled with shoots (We're even working on editing our first commercial video!). We've been working on lots of fun, local projects here in San Diego, and even a few things up in Los Angeles. But the best part, is that we've been finding our work all around us now. Mailers with our pictures, we even scored our first billboard! It's been a fun and productive past few months, and we only hope to grow even more in the coming year. Here's just a sampling of some of more recent work.

  • a small town find and a relaxing day

    I spent Easter weekend in Arizona visiting a good friend, and we decided to have a relaxing day and walk the one block of downtown Gilbert, AZ. We stumbled upon the coziest little coffee shop right along the main road and decided to stop and have an iced coffee. We ended up sitting out in the courtyard in front of the shop for about an hour just delighting in the atmosphere and cool shade. I think this place could really produce regulars to everyone who visits - if I lived here, I would definitely be back! 

  • a beautiful home for hosting parties

    Last Saturday we had the privilege of shooting for The Mommarazzi School for their In-Home Parties marketing campaign.  The home we were in was gorgeous and had amazing light coming through the front windows. We just couldn't pass up capturing these beautiful little details...

  • shooting for burger lounge

    We had some fun shooting for the awesome Burger Lounge the other day. We shot some images of their burgers in different forms of completion for an animated stacking feature they wanted on their website, and then some architectural shots of their two new locations in Los Angeles, and one here in San Diego. It was great fun, and worked out perfectly being able to shoot both food and architecture for the same client. Look forward to working with them again, and eating their delicious food more!

    Here's some behind the scenes shots from Instagram.